How to Care for Cheap Golf Clubs?

Cheap golf clubs are called as such not because they are literally cheap but because they are discounted from the original price since they are already used. However, the care that they need is basically the same care you would extend to the new ones, that is, if you want them to last really, really long.

Caring for your clubs may seem bothersome because you have to do it before, during and after a game but it is really simple enough.

The materials you would need are the following: gold club and putters head covers, golf towels, soft brush (do not use wiry brush), and golf club cleaning materials (never use a corrosive or an abrasive cleaning agent).

Here are some tips on how to protect your cheap golf clubs from damages and rust.

Caring for the clubs when not in use:

  • cheap golf clubsStore your cheap golf clubs indoors. Leaving your clubs in the trunk of the car or garage can weaken the glues and resins under the grip, causing a significant change to the shaft or the club head. If the place is humid, there is increased possibility of rusting. If you would play again within three days, then it is okay to leave them in the trunk of the car. Longer than that, store them indoors.
  • If the club head of your golf club is made of wood, use a head cover. If it is made of irons, then they can be left uncovered. Putters should be covered too. This is to protect them from being nicked and dinged when they bump into each other inside a golf bag.

Do you know that dirty golf clubs can cause you 3-4 strokes per round? That could easily be remedied by simply cleaning your clubs during the game.

Here are some tips on cleaning them during a game:

  • Thoroughly clean your clubs before a round of golf.
  • Clean the club face off with a clean, soft towel after each shot.
  • Clean the grips with warm water and mild soap. This will prevent the grips from becoming slick due to the oil and sweat of the hands after much handling. It could also affect your swing so try not to miss cleaning it.
  • Using a soft, clean club brush, remove the grass, dirt or debris that are stuck in your clubs while in the middle of a round.
  • After every few rounds, give your clubs a good cleaning to prevent the dirt from hardening.

After you enjoyed playing the whole day, it is time to put away your golf clubs temporarily until your next game. However, be sure to do the following before you stow them away, especially if for more than three days or longer.

Here are some tips on how to care for the clubs after the game:

  • Scrub your golf clubs gently with warm, soapy water and soft-bristled brush. Clean the club faces thoroughly.
  • After cleaning, immediately towel-dry the golf clubs meticulously.
  • For the grips, use damp cloth to wipe it.
  • Before storing them, check the grips and shafts of the cheap golf clubs for any nicks, cracks or splits. These are signs that you may need to replace them. A good golf club is one of the keys to a good game.

Special reminder: never delay the cleaning of your golf clubs after a rainy round or else, you could expect rust to form in them most especially if you totally forgot to clean them afterwards.

Increase the life span of your cheap golf clubs and benefit from good golf clubs when you care for them properly before, during and after the game.

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