The Advantages of Lanyards as Promotional Items

Lanyards can be used as one of the successful marketing strategies for a business or company. These attractive cords can be used by a lot of people especially the working professionals. These consist of engineers, medical professionals, business executives, company representatives and a lot more. They are valuable items that can be trusted to every employee so they can safely keep their identification cards that give them access to secure areas in the company premises.

Lanyards are very useful among doctors so they will not misplace their glasses and other medical instruments. Engineers can find them very useful in keeping their pens and pencils in place while they can also easily reach these items in order to make small adjustments and modifications in the blueprints that they have on the drafting board. Everyone who uses a pen or pencil regularly in the course of their work can make use of these cords that they can wear around their neck. Even students can make the most of these items to keep their identification cards in place.

LanyardsA lanyard can be very handy especially to people who are always busy and on the go. Take the case of a business executive who comes in a meeting with an executive from another company. He will always bring with him an expensive pen that has a sentimental value. He can use this to jot down important notes during the meeting. Sometimes, there can be some interruptions during the meeting which are a lot important and urgent. This is one instance that he can lose his pen when he leaves it behind to go and consult another person. However, if he wears a lanyard, he will never lose his valuable pen since he can attach it to the cord that he can wear around his neck. Anyone can be in the same situation but if he uses a lanyard, he can avoid losing the most important items that he needs regularly in his work or daily activities.

Even though these promotional items can be useful to people from all walks of life, there are certain things to consider that will depend on the profession of an individual and his line of work. A physician should not wear a multi-colored and beaded lanyard. Therefore, it is important to match the design of your lanyards with the people who are going to use them.

You can invest in lanyards that can vary in size, color or design. You also have to make sure that it will suit your requirements. As a promotional instrument for your company, they should be created to perfectly suit their functions. Aside from this, there is another useful factor that you need to consider. A lanyard should allow you to have a considerable freedom in the design that you want. This is one good way to maximize the impact and brand exposure that you can create in the minds of your potential customers.

Lanyards allow a variety of designs, styles and colors that you choose. You can include your company name and logo, an attractive and interesting slogan as well as your contact information. Bear in mind that a lanyard has an average length of thirty six inches. If you use both sides, you will have seventy two inches of space to print the things that you need to include. This type of cord that you can wear around your neck is cost-effective when manufactured in bulk. It also has an excellent display value since it can really be eye catching. You can have a promotional item that is useful to you and your clients.

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Custom Lanyards are Very Useful

When a group of people are at an event, lanyards can be helpful to distinguish people. You all have that urge to be recognized with people as their unique identity. By doing this, you can help your customers by offering custom lanyards. A piece of cord attached to USB or ID card can make a difference in the sense of identity. This is beneficial by providing lanyards to your clients. This does not only just look eye-catchy but also tends to upgrade your business for better. Nowadays, it’s common to see cell phones or flash drives in people’s pockets. Promoting your business by offering lanyards to your customers is something that would come out economically and also be an effective branding tool.

Custom lanyards are widely used in schools, colleges and plenty of government & private sectors. Lanyards also give reorganization amongst colleagues, students and peers. It will satisfy the customer’s urge to be the foremost choice and attraction at all times.

Custom lanyardsA lanyard is basically a rope or cord that is wrapped around the neck or wrist. It is used to carry ID cards, wallets, cell phones, USB etc. From companies to schools, you can notice custom lanyards everywhere. This accessory is a basic requirement in every area. Custom lanyards come in numerous colors, styles, material. It can be made of cotton, nylon, polyester etc. The rope type of lanyard is inexpensive and affordable.

Whatever, the color of fabric may be, we know how to create the right kind of a package for you.

Our teams of experts have been in this field for the past 10 years now and they know which kind of package would suit you industry the best. Our experts have been dealing with the laborers companies to the most elite company in the world. Therefore, we have a sound knowledge of custom lanyards suitability. An army of laborers for example would always go for black colored polyester custom lanyards which would not get soiled in their daily mechanical work. The corporates go for blue colored satin custom lanyards since that tends to enhance their elitism and also looks better otherwise.

The custom lanyards that we deal in tend to suit everybody’s pocket and therefore no matter how big or small your business, we will be able to bring out the right deal for you so that you do not have to run from pillar to post looking for custom lanyard for your business. The process for buying our lanyards is simple. All you need to do is register on our website or call us at the following number. Our team of experts will get back to you for understanding your requirement. Once you explain them everything, you will be told to wait for a day and we shall be able to get back to you with your required design. In case you need any modifications, we shall provide you with umpteen numbers of revisions. Once you finalize the sample, no more revisions are taken and we produce more copies of the same so that you finally get the final product. We produce custom lanyard of different types like the one with the buckles which can help to suspend an I Card at the end while there are ones with the pulleys which can be suspended from the loop of the trousers used very often in access cards of companies. So, if you are looking adding a different identity to your company, breathing in a fresh breath of identity marks, something that define your company better, give us a chance to serve you and we shall not disappoint you.

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Where to Buy Silicon Bracelets

Silicon Bracelets are commonly used as promotional tools. The rubber wristband is a popular choice by marketers because of its low acquisition cost per unit and good returns in terms of brand visibility. Beyond price and quantity, buyers ought to consider other product features as size, band thickness and colour.

silicon braceletsOnce the decision is made to purchase a specific type of silicon band, the next step is to contact their choice of manufacturer. In this case, buyers ought to consider: convenience, speed and quality. Quality refers to both the band itself and the printed logo or message on the band. Suffice to say, if said product does not meet expectations, no repeat orders are forthcoming.

For silicon band buyers, below are some product sources for reference –

Buy Silicon Bracelets from Marketing Suppliers

If you are in the market for customized baller bands, it is advisable to purchase them from a marketing supplier. A marketing supplier sources-out and offers premium items on a regular basis. He is able to meet small to large quantities required on per project basis. Dealing with a marketing supplier ensures that you get exactly the right colour of baller bands you want, with the correct message every time.

Buy Silicon Wristbands in Sports Outlets or Event Venues

Ready to wear silicon bands showing sports affiliation may be purchased from sports outlets. For example, you can get basketball team silicon bands from the NBA store or a similar sporting goods outlet. You may also purchase ballers at sporting venue itself, e.g. Spain’s football team bands may be purchased at FC Barcelona Stadium. These bands are often premium-priced due to licensing costs.

Buy Silicon Bracelets in the Fashion Accessories Section of a Department Store

When you want rubber bracelets that are ready to wear – in trendy, colourful designs – visit a large department store’s fashion accessories section to choose from a wide array of trendy silicon bands. A buyer may choose to mix and match individual items to suit unique preferences.

Buy Silicon Wristbands in Specialty Shops

Specialty shops refer to stores that sell niche products e.g. bikes, branded clothing or items for teens. Popular baller bands may be sold in these shops. For example, a teen-only store may have exclusive silicon bands that appeal specially to teenagers. Words as chillaxin’ (chilling and relaxing), sick (cool), BFF (Best Friends Forever) or tight (close) on a wristband, may only appeal to this particular age group.

Buy Silicon Bracelets from Large Bookstores

Ready to wear silicon bands in large bookstores are sold carrying printed book elements. Some may have book passages while others may have names of fictional characters. For example, two fan factions of Stephenie Meyer’s fiction Twilight are: Team Jacob and Team Edward. Those who belong to one side or the other may purchase the band, to show team support. Another example is purchasing superhero bands where the logo of a favorite hero printed on them, such as Batman (using the Bat symbol) or Superman (using the MoS’s insignia).

Buy Silicon Wristbands in Online Stores

Perhaps the most convenient sources of silicon bracelets are online stores. Simply search, browse, add-to-cart, check-out and await delivery. Just make sure that the store chosen is a trusted site. These sites have proper safety precautions such as data-encryption and globally-accepted payment methods like through credit cards or Paypal. Buying online takes lesser time than it would to go to a land-based store. This option saves the buyer time, money and effort, especially if he is clear and specific about his requirements.

As a final tip to buyers: When in doubt, ASK. Sellers can help you better and you get exactly what you want when all questions are answered fully. Buy with confidence.

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Celebrate Milestones with Embroidered Patches

Everyone wants to be recognized for his or her achievements, be it at home, at school, at the office, in the community, at church, the list goes on. If you have experienced mentoring a youth group or leading an organization, you are aware that the opportunities are varied for you to motivate people and build their confidence. Certificate of recognitions, ribbons can do the job. However, there are times that you need to present something that could last longer and even more dramatic than printed words on paper. Embroidered patches can be special gifts to celebrate milestones without spending too much.

Why Choose Embroidered Custom Patches for Achievement Recognition?

Customized patches can last longer physically and emotionally. Because they are made of strong fabric, they can stand the test of time compared to paper certificates that could get easily wet or ribbon awards that can easily fade in time. Customized patches also last longer in memory because they are innovative especially if they are customized to make them more personalized for the person receiving the award. Many companies, sports club, or community organizations are using embroidered patches to recognize their members, celebrate important achievements of individuals, or commemorate special events.

Customized Patches are Great Items to Recognize Kids

More often than not, kids enjoy receiving something consequential to remember specific events. If you are in charge of organizing activities for kids such as summer camps, field trips, or scouting events, it is ideal to present every participant with patches designed to commemorate the event. This is a remarkable way to culminate the event and recognize the efforts of those who have been part of the activities.

Embroidered Customized Patches for Recognition of Accomplishments

Customized patches are also used to recognize certain achievements. For instance, the Boy Scouts of America have been using these patches to award outstanding scouts, and the children love these badges and are usually kept as keepsakes. In the same way, your organization or club can use these patches. Apart from building a sense of unity and community within the group, collecting patches can also motivate people, build their confidence and hone their self-esteem. Materializing the recognition through embroidered patches will remind people of their achievements and motivates them to work hard to reach their goals.

Sports clubs and organizations for particular hobbies usually present special symbols to identify their members. Other associations give different patches to signify different levels of involvement or levels of achievements within the community. Like the colored belts worn by students of martial arts, every embroidered insignia denotes a specific skill level that an individual has reached. These types of rewards can help in motivating children to work hard and reach the next level.

Different Options for Specialized Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patchesRegardless of your association, club or activities, you can easily find customized or personalized patches that are suitable to your preferences and needs. They are available in sizes that range from 2×2 inches up to maximum of 7×7 inches and in basic shapes or more specialized designs. These patches are often sewn to uniforms, garments, caps, or apparels, but there are more modern types of patches that can be transferred via heat or can be attached using Velcro strips for more convenience.

Celebrating milestones with embroidered custom patches is a great way to tell people that they are special and so they deserve such recognition. While ribbon awards or paper certificates can be easily discarded, superb quality embroidered patches can be worn and can remain intact for many years to come. Aside from being special emblems to signify great work, these patches also provide a concrete reminder of commemorative events in every person’s life.

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Some of the Things that you should Know about the Motivational Speaker

Public speaking comes in multiple forms. There are different kinds of speakers, each with a distinct set of skills, each one aiming to satisfy a particular goal. One of the most popular public speaking categories is that which is engaged in by the motivational speaker. As the name suggests, these people serve to motivate others. They speak so as to influence people to consider an idea that, almost always, has some form of connection to their personal lives. Most of the ideas that these speakers preach about are centered on self-help or betterment.

The primary challenge of this kind of public speaker is to be of assistance to people who seem to have lost their way at one time or another. They deliver speeches that are meant to offer information and foster improvement within their audience’s person. In this kind of activity, it is not enough for the motivational speaker to have good skills at public speaking. It is not enough for this person to have the ability to garner and maintain the attention of people. It is important for a public speaker who focuses on motivating others to develop his ability influence someone to strive for improvement. The speaker must also know what it takes to turn someone’s life around for the better.

motivational speakerEven the best speakers around cannot simply turn into a motivational speaker if they feel like it. There are two routes to this profession, or better yet, advocacy. It is possible to become such a speaker if one is passionate about a particular topic. This passion is something that will yield good and honest speeches that listeners will believe. When the audience believes in what is being said and if they actually listen to the words being uttered, there are higher chances of them grasping the concept with open arms.

Another way for people to become motivational gurus is by way of personal experience. Considering how most of these professionals seem to talk from the heart, the reason behind it is that most of them have actually undergone and overcome whatever hardship or obstacle it is that they are helping others deal with. There are many well-known speakers these days who rose from the ashes and their victory over battles from drugs to depression to homeless and hopelessness have given them better insights, learnings, and pieces of advice. They share these learnings with those who are in the same position that they were in.

For a motivational speaker, change happens from the inside. If he is unable to change his life for the better, he will not be able to help others with their problems. There are times when these people practice tough love because they have encountered it before. Instead of sugar-coating their speeches, they actually tell it like it is. This is one of the many strategies that these public speakers use. Letting their audiences confront the harsh reality of things actually helps them understand their predicament even better. With understanding comes internal processing and with this comes a call for action.

This call for action is what every motivational speaker aims to achieve. It is not enough for them to deliver a speech. The ultimate goal in this case is to change people’s lives and without the proper actions, this is a goal that will never be achieved. It is their job, their responsibility, to motivate people to want to change not only for their loved ones but more importantly for themselves. Helping others see the greener side of life is what these people are good at; it is their vocation in life.

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Truths and Myths about Long Island Loan Modification

Long Island Loan modification is a simple and straightforward process. The problem is, most consumers have this stigma about applying for one. It is either they think it is unnecessary, may actually make matters worse, or is just not worth the trouble.

There is also this false notion that Long Island loan modification applies only to mortgages that are under distress or about to fall into foreclosure. Below are a truths and myths that you will find elucidating.

-Loan Modification Only Works if You Qualify for a Government Plan

FALSE. Granted, some of the most lenient Long Island loan modification plans are mandated by the government i.e. HOPE. But this is not to say that elective loan modification is useless. You need to understand that a lender will not usually bend over backwards to accommodate a modification request. But, they are duty bound to follow protocol and process your application. If you plan your modification and time it right, you can get pretty good results. But you need to have genuine capacity to pay.

-I Can Modify My Loan without the Help of Lawyers

TRUE. The law and rules clearly dictate that you can perform Long Island loan modification by yourself. But is it a good idea to do so? That is a more complicated and apt follow up question. To put it bluntly, if you own several properties; you want to modify the loan for an investment property; there is an issue of ownership and payment, then the process can get complicated. This is especially true if the lender starts using court procedure against you. A rule of thumb is: if you foresee that your request will get a hostile treatment i.e. you are accusing your lender of breaking the law; or the lender involves the court or invokes obscure laws, then should at least consult a lawyer. Find one that offers free consultation.

Stated differently; if your kitchen sink starts to leak, of course you can try to repair it yourself. But unless you are actually an expert in the same or have prior experience doing so, then most likely you won’t be able to do as a good a job as a plumber can. In some cases, you might even end up spending more doing it yourself than by simply calling a plumber.

-Non Lawyers Perform Loan Modification Cheaper

Long Island loan modificationFALSE. If you are going to do it yourself, then own up to it. If you are going to hire someone, then better hire a real expert. To be blunt, the only successful Long Island loan modification that non lawyers can perform are those that you can do yourself. These are the easy one.

What happens when these so called experts meet resistance by your lender? Common sense dictates that resistance means banks and lenders utilize their legal department. As a result, these non lawyer experts can’t do anything but refer you to a lawyer. Here’s the problem with that scenario. First, most lawyers and firms will insist on conducting their own research, and making their own correspondence. This is only reasonable because lawyers don’t want to risk their license and reputation because another person might have bungled the research and gave wrong advice. So you pay twice.

What if the non lawyer says they have “tied up” with a lawyer and can escalate the matter for you? Then you just effectively wasted your time with the non lawyer. As mentioned earlier, most likely the law firm will insist on doing their own research, and bill you accordingly. And you also exposed your personal and financial information to a string of individuals. This makes you susceptible to identity theft and credit card fraud.

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The Appeal of SEO Services To The Tired Marketer

Focusing on the old ways of marketing, you would find that things were simpler. When the search engine wars meant that you had to fight through a variety of different companies to get to the top of listings, and you could cheat things slowly. There was a time when black hat techniques would mean that you were able to gain market share throughout any major website that you wanted to post up. That’s no longer the case, and you’ll find that many people are taking charge of this and ending up losing out. If you or someone you know has given a fair shake at SEO, the rules of engagement are going to be completely different today, than they were in the past. You’ll find that if you don’t nail down the right procedures, you will end up losing market share overall.

It’s important to realize that there are pieces of marketing that you need to look at carefully and decide to hire SEO services instead of going at it alone. There are so many different pieces to the marketing world today that the only way that you’re going to get anywhere is to look at the greater good that can be delivered through the world of optimization as it stands today. You may be tempted to look at the way it was, but it’s not going to work.

Picking Up A Book:

When you want to learn something new, SEO _Servicesyou could either go to school or you could pick up a book and wrestle with the subject matter. Many people do this for a variety of reasons and it’s one way that you can definitely engage in programming and more. You will find that this is a good thing, as there are a lot of published works that can give you a lion’s share of information, but when it comes to tech, this is a dangerous thing.

You may find that you can learn how to program certain languages, and you could even learn internet marketing, but you will end up far behind. The publication cycle of many informational books on SEO are outdated. Even if they were published earlier this year, you would find that it’s not going to do very much good. You could try and shoehorn some of the lessons into the world of today, but you will find that despite your best efforts, you’re going to go down swinging amidst the every changing cycle of search engines as they are today.

If you do manage to find a good book on the subject, the implementation cycle that you’re going to end up having to work with is going to be marginal and isolated at best. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage at all, and in the end, you will end up losing out to the greater good that could come as result of marketing within the real world. You’ll find that picking up a book is not a great way to move forward with anything that you want to gain leverage with.

Focusing On What Can Work On A Professional Level:

There are a lot of professional options that you can chase online. You will find that the best things that you can work within the world of marketing today are within the boundaries of creative endeavors. The creativity involved with working on SEO is going to surprise most marketers, as you will need to do a lot more than just follow the guidelines of an eBook or a published work. You will need to work within the guidelines of something more imperative, and powerful. The more you look at the world at large, and you start to break down the pieces that you need to work within, the higher the chances are that you will gain leverage within the world of optimization.

You will have to focus on working with several pieces of information, and distributing a lot of content across many pages of infrastructure if you want to win big on the internet. You will need to not only polish your site’s loading time, but you will need to create content marketing campaigns that are going to allow you to gain leverage within the world that you’re in. Let’s say that you’re in a shoe niche, for instance, you will want to work on tutorials, reviews, and focus on building relationships with those that are interested in your subject matter. This can be done within a span of time that is short, but you will end up having to do more than just a simple thing to move forward.

Hiring SEO Services:

The real dirt on hiring professionals to work for you is that you will gain leverage within the world of marketing in a variety of different options. You will gain market share through the work that the professional world does for you. The professional entanglements that are associated with the world of marketing is interesting and time consuming. It’s best handled by someone that knows what they are doing, instead of allowing yourself to end up losing out on the greater good that comes with this type of endeavor. If you’re tired of marketing alone, give over the reins to someone better and you’ll gain a great deal of impressive results.

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SEO Explode is a SEO Company offering professional SEO services to webmasters looking to increase traffic to their website. Call 888-9-Explode

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Trading Custom Baseball Pins and Etiquette

With any kind of hobby that involves trading items, meeting other collectors is a must. Collectors of custom baseball pins will also be on the lookout for other fellow collectors to see if they have a piece that they need. Meeting other collectors, especially during a pin trading event, is good but proper etiquette must be followed when talking with another collector:

  • You can easily spot someone with custom baseball pins in a crowd since most collectors wear their pins on their clothes, vests, or hats. It’s a way for them to say that they have pins to trade. Try to call their attention politely if you want to start a trade and then point out the pin that you want.
  • If you want to take a closer look at a certain pin, inform the owner. It is impolite to touch the pin that you are looking at.
  • Keep your pins in a clean and undamaged state so that any collector would look at them and will know that they are up for trade.
  • Ask another collector about an interesting pin that you barely know anything about. That way, you’ll easily learn new things, particularly when it comes to the history of certain pins.
  • Do not interrupt other collectors when they are negotiating for a trade. Try to wait until they are finished, and then approach the person that you want to trade with.
  • Politely call off a trade if you become unsure of what is going to happen. Do not force another trader to agree with your terms when you are negotiating a trade.
  • If you want to get a pin from another collector, you must present a pin of equal value to that person. At the same time, you can present your pins to him to see if he’s interested in any other pins you have.
  • Once you have completed a trade, shake hands and say, “Thank you,” to properly close the deal with your fellow collector.

custom baseball pinsTrading custom baseball pins does not only happen during trading events. With the help of the internet, you can offer your pins for trade and also ask for more information about pins without leaving your home. Certain message boards are open for pin collectors to post the pins that they have while interacting with other collectors from all over the country.

Typing a message online will convey a different emotion than being able to speak your words in person. Certain online etiquette, or “netiquette” as some would call it, will be needed so that you can prevent yourself from being rude online:

  • As much as possible, do not use all caps when typing your message. Seeing a message in all caps can immediately mean you are “shouting” or you are “angry” when you are writing the message, even if you are actually not. Try to also check your choice of words when typing.
  • Once you send a message to a fellow collector, try to patiently wait for a reply. You can do a follow-up message if the person doesn’t reply to you after a couple of days. At the same time, if you receive an email inquiring about a custom pin, try to reply to them as quickly as possible.
  • Ask for assistance and information if the deal that you see online looks too good to be true. It may possibly contain false information about the pin and its value.

Knowing how to interact with other people who collect custom baseball pins will make sure you earn their respect and they will come back to you for another trade. They may also recommend you to other collectors that they know.

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What are Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins are often used to indicate a rank, affiliation in a certain organization, or just plain decoration. They are small pins shaped like an organization’s official seal or a figure indicating membership. Besides indication of membership, lapel pins can also indicate achievement such as graduation, finishing a contest, and other endeavors. Most organizational pins can be collected by both members and non-members as they can be bought at stores that don’t have any official connection with the company. Businesses use these pins not only to indicate membership, but to boost the morale of other members and employees to work harder in order to achieve the same pin, recognition, and promotion.

One of the most famous countries known to produce many lapel pins was the Soviet Union. They have produce pins showing political power as well as pins that can be bought by tourists as souvenirs. There were also pins for sports, gatherings, as well as official events in the said country. The following years up to today, the hobby of collecting pins became popular and more pins were designed after popular television characters, cartoons and superheroes.

lapel pinsManufacturing lapel pins are mostly done in China. This is because the labor in China is inexpensive, making manufacturing in other countries almost extinct. There are many types of pins, but 6 of them are the basic ones. They are: cloisonné, soft enamel, photo domed, screen printed, photo etched and 4-color process.

•Cloisonné. This is also known as hard enamel or epola. The process is that the cloisonné is engraved out from a sheet of copper. The pools left by the engraving is then filled with enamel powder and then fired at temperatures reaching 800 – 900 degrees. The pin is then cooled down and then the surface of the pin is smoothed and the copper area finally plated.

•Soft Enamel. The areas of color are separated by metallic strips, much like the cloisonné. The difference however, is that the colored areas rest under the metallic strip. If you run your fingers through the surface, you can feel them. The top part can be covered with epoxy, making it appear smoother.

•Photo dome. In this process, the design of the pin is first printed on paper or vinyl before it is applied on the pin’s metal base. After that, the paper or vinyl with the design is covered with a dome of epoxy which protects the design from any damage from the elements and other outside forces. With the popularity of print arts, this process also gains a boost in being a favorite among other processes especially in the United States. Another reason for its popularity is the technology behind it, being able to produce finished products faster compared to other processes.

•Screen printed. This is also known as silk screening, and this is produced by application of all the color one by one to the metallic base using a screen (silk screen). Thin epoxy application protects the colors against scratches.

•Photo-etch. Only the shape of the piece is engraved. The design on the pin’s face is etched into the base of the metal using a special chemical. The color is then hand-filled and baked. After which, it is polished and clear epoxy is applied for protection.

•4-color process. This is also known as offset printing and allows for bleeds and blending of colors just like what is used in magazines. This type of lapel pin processing is used for complicated photo and art reproduction and any colors can be used without limitation in the amount.

These are the most basic types of processing of lapel pins. Each one of them has its own downsides and advantages, but all of them have unique characteristics.

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The Different Uses of Custom military coins

Custom military coins, similar to challenge coins are traced way back World War I. Such coins are given to members of the military force and signify the branch of the Armed Forces the owner belongs to. During the Nazi occupation of France, such coins (although some say they use ordinary currency coins) were issued to Bona Fides, and were used to identify which were allies and which were not.

Custom military coins are around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and about 1/10 of an inch thick. Not all military coins are round; some come in all sorts of shapes and styles. There are coins shaped like arrowheads, pentagon, shield or dog tag style. They are generally made of nickel, pewter (a common metal alloy) or copper. Coins vary in their finishing and commemorative military coins (the limited edition ones) are gold plated. These coins may bear the unit’s logo or insignia, their troop motto, and several other markings that could separate the group from the others.

custom military coinsCustom military coins bore no value and they were not minted by the Federal Government. They were not used as currency but as a mere identification. Aside from this there are several other uses of military coins; some of which prompted private organizations, companies and non-military organizations to adopt and make their own custom coins.

The first and obvious use of custom military coins is for identification purposes. It was believed that such coins protected military men during the First and Second World War. The most famous story about this very important use of military coins is said to have happened during the First World War when an American military pilot’s plane crashed in Germany. He was held captive by the German military forces, stripped off of any means of identification, except for a leather satchel he kept around his neck. It was said that his military coin was inside the satchel.

When the American soldier was to be transferred to a small French town, he seized the opportunity to escape and was able to successfully do so. Upon reaching a French military post, he was asked to show proof of identity, which he has none. He was then sentenced to death by execution and in sheer desperation, he showed his medallion. One of his executioners recognized the logo on the medallion, as that of an American ally and he was freed immediately.

Aside from being used as a form of identification, challenge coins are also used to earn free drinks in a bar. You don’t show it literally to the bartender though. The tradition of playing the military challenge coin game is believed to have started during war times as well. Each coin holder is expected to bring their coins all the time.

When in a bar, anyone can challenge everyone else to show their respective coins (assuming everyone has one) and whoever fails to do so is the one to pay one round of drinks for everyone else. However, if everyone else were able to show their coins, the person who challenged the group would be the one to pay that round of drinks.

Custom military coins are also used as a means to recognize any person’s valiant effort. Such coins of honor are bestowed upon military men whose acts, bravery or manner are highly commendable. Custom coins are proven to boost the morale of its recipients and seemed to be an effective way to motivate people. They are also issued to retiring members of the troop, to show the unit head’s appreciation of the service rendered by the outgoing service man. Foreign dignitaries, visitors and the likes are also given such coins as a memento or souvenir of their presence in the group.

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